Warlord Tourney™

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Game Source Code

Source Code, Instruction Book, and Course

  This is a single chapter from the Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection. This chapter leads you through "Jump-to-Capture" Peg Solitaire-style game development. This tutorial has both v3.16+ & v2.x.x encoding. It's perfect for novices, experienced web developers, and just anyone wanting their own bespoke game, artwork, and features. Learn how to build puzzle games as a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) or a Single Page Web Applications (SPWA).


About this Game:

  • Current Version: 1.0 (stable since: 3 Oct 1997)
  • Game mechanics: Jump-to-Capture
  • Source Code: Wildcat Code 4.12, JavaScript or ActionScript 2;
  • Formats: HTML5/JavaScript or Flash CS4;

Game Description:

War Lord Tourney™ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) turn-based, "Menu driven” game; this pamphlet is the official rules for online, offline table-top, play-by-mail or play-by-email. It is also our first "Gateway Games" into Rulers of Renown.  A Travel version for tabletop gaming is available for “offline” gaming.  Capturing an opponent's piece is similar to chess or you may elect several different methods to capture opponent pieces through "Options" Menu. The online licensed version permits up to eight (8) multi-players. They may elect to play a “free for all” or team-alliances competitions.

War Lord Tourney™ features "PBM³ Headless Technology™" -- an innovative process that allows anyone to Play any opponent By postal Mail (PBM), electronic Mail (PBeM), or via online (Modem). This gaming system is a unique Strategic turn-based, multi-player Fantasy Role-Playing Game of high adventure and legendary deeds. -- newly updated for 2013 postal mail, eMail and online-game enthusiasts.  In addition to online game-play instructions, 18 options rules are available for adventurous gamers. These rules are an expansion set developed for the Rulers of Renown Gaming System. A travel package allows you to set-up and play this game "offline" on a table-top (aka German-style gaming).

Subscribing Members create customized warlord characters, career paths, and choose the character's race and also enjoy the privilege of multiple character creations (up to 20 active characters!), custom game creations through the scenario editor, and many other benefits. They can easily import or export their characters for the Rulers of Renown Gaming Series.

'Guests' are supplied 'randomly' generated warlords and a single player position. Guests are restricted in this demo "FREE to Play" version.

Game Features:

  • Challenge your friends for highest international score;
  • Play Multi-player battles games possible by postal mail, eMail or online;
  • Win awards, Trophies, Medals and Badges!
  • Affiliate versions available with revenues up to 80%.