Game Licensing Options:

Purchase a license for your self-hosted Renown Game from Steve Gose Game Studios. The "demo game" provides advertising revenues directly to our developers; but with an active License, these pre-game ads are turned off. You have two options available when licensing any Renown Game. Either license option permits:

  • White Label - insert your logo;
  • Crowdfunding your license through clients' donations. It's free, easy, and fully explained in our Free Affiliate Guide.
  • Anti-theft options (freely included) permanently protects your affiliation revenue generation;
  • Enhances your product's investment with software updates (FREE! based on license selection), and
  • Turns OFF annoying pre-game ads!

Life Time Licenses

$49.00 (USD) 1-time License Fee (without web hosting)

  This is the best option for the game developers, gamers and website owners. It permits website publishers continued revenue and gives website managers a single capital investment for popular games while reducing the annoying wait-time pre-game advertisements for their clients (i.e., your gaming customers). Volume Discounts Available.

* NOTE: This option provides free product updates for the first year after purchase; and then, continued software updates are available for a $4.00 annual subscription!



Game Source Code

Source Code, Instruction Book, and Course

  Quickly learn how to create your own version of Legends of Renown Deeds™. This Amazon book guides you through the rules for a table-top game version. Learn how to build this Tactical RPG Quest as a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) or a Single Page Web Applications (SPWA).


About this Game:

  • Current Version: 1.0 (stable since: 5 JAN 2021)
  • Game mechanics:  Membership Community RPG,
  • Source Code: PHP 
  • Formats: Moden City theme or Fantasy theme;

Game Description:

CubeVille™ is a text-based Role-Playing Game (aka "RPG" or "MMORPG") for membership communities and it is licensed as a "White-labeled" PHP framework solution from Renown Games with or without web hosting. As an online gaming solution, it was developed from the most current "full-stack" web technologies.

CubeVille™ uses a "multifunctional full-stack" PHP gaming script — e.g., a 3-tier architecture including both the "front-side client" and "back-end servers" — that lets you create your "White Labeled" membership community to your liking. The "front-end" JavaScripts are sent to members from your website, while the server back-end processes members' actions. CubeVille™ is easily tailored to your specific community's needs and lets you create the most proven respected virtual life-simulation game on the Worldwide Web to date! It was developed to study ethnic, cultural, and social interactions within a common-interest community. It is based on those Sociological studies of group dynamics. It has many other configurable options and settings, from which, you could modify (or newly create!) your desired community interactions.

A primary feature of CubeVille™ is its e-commerce capabilities. You can create "virtual products and services" for registered members as either digital products, reoccurring purchases (such as "subscriptions"), or just simple "digital-licensed downloads" (for example, "software source code" or documents). This social gaming platform provides a virtual world in an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars to develop and even more to maintain a platform system, this application package lets you have a social network system for either a small annual subscription-lease or a one-time purchase in a "Fantasy theme" or a "Modern theme" setting such as CubeVille™.

CubeVille™ delivers what you and your members want:
Young adults want to:

  • Chat and Socialization
  • Dress Up and Personalization
  • Play Online Games (especially multiplayer interaction games)
  • Attend Virtual Parties (and other such fun events)
  • Receive Rewards and Recognition
  • Have awesome virtual-living places to hang out in a safe, moderated environment
You want to:
  • Turn visitors into community members (i.e. repeat visitors) and registered users
  • Increase time spent by visitors on site
  • Immerse them in your brand and messaging
  • Communicate directly with your visitors and members
  • Get survey feedback and suggestions from your clients (i.e. poll them)
  • Monetize visitors via virtual goods and services


Within your community's activities, registered members receive a free "home-base" account (known as a "Hamlet" inside the Fantasy theme) and an account "personae" to represent their virtualized community life-style. Registered Members — using their virtual "in-game currencies" known as "Cubits" — can buy vehicles, properties, items, home-base upgrades, "Avatars", storage garages or hangars for their transport vehicles, waterfront piers (aka "Quay"), pets, characteristic-point enhancements, and so much more to improve their "respect and popularity" (? i.e., assuming a non-criminal) "community status". Members have the opportunity to work in a variety of careers (using the "Career Portal" (a Work-in-Progress (WIP)), earn actual college education (using the "Education Portal"), exercise in gyms, heal their health in hospitals, and many other activities that are hidden within the software. To earn extra money, gold, experience, and other such bonuses, members will upgrade their personae through chosen activities found in the "Gaming Portals".