Winx Club Adventure Quests

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Game Source Code

Source Code, Instruction Book, and Course

  This is a single chapter from the Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection. This chapter leads you through "Hidden Objects" game development. This tutorial has both v3.16+ & v2.x.x encoding. It's perfect for novices, experienced web developers, and just anyone wanting their own bespoke game, artwork, and features. Learn how to build puzzle games as a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) or a Single Page Web Applications (SPWA).

About this Game:

  • Current Version: 14.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014)
  • Game mechanics: Hidden Objects
  • Source Code: JavaScript or ActionScript 3;
  • Formats: HTML5/JavaScript or Flash CS4;

Game Description:

Winx Club Adventure Quests and Concert Disaster are a single mega-game collection for Winx Club fansites from PBMCube. Winx Club Quest is a bonus game found inside all PBMCube “Just” series.

Concert Disaster is the permanent game available every month. In Concert Disaster, the evil Trix have stolen all the musical notes. The Winx must have all their music before they go on stage in 3 minutes! Can you help them find their music?

Winx Club Adventure Quests are hidden object games — A new adventure every month! A new Bonus RPG Game editor lets you create your very own Winx Quests Adventurers. Invite your friends to play your game you created!

Game Features:

  • Every game is different.
  • 3 different game themes – Concert Disaster, Last Month and This Month’s featured adventure game;
  • Select your options and game settings;
  • Use your mouse to find the inserted flaws in this perfect tattoo;
  • Create your own game with the Quest Editor – Build your own Winx Club Adventures and invite your friends.
  • challenge your friends for highest international score;
  • Multiple languages: 36 languages supported.
  • Affiliate versions available with revenues up to 80%.

Product History:

  • Development time: 2.5 years (of personal free time) 
  • Initial Release: 1 May 2014 (post Mochi)
  • Distribution Channels: Flash Game Distribution, Mochi Media, Talk Arcade.

Market Saturation: (as of 20140331)

  • hosted on 19 websites.
  • 4,764 total games sessions.
  • 5,432 total games plays.
  • 22.63 average game plays per gamer per host.
  • 7,971 total game-ad impressions.
  • Aggregated Advertising revenue generated: $16.20