Winx Club No No Kiko

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Game Source Code

Source Code, Instruction Book, and Course

  This is a single chapter from the Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection. This chapter leads you through "Action-Arcade" game development. This tutorial has both v3.16+ & v2.x.x encoding. It's perfect for novices, experienced web developers, and just anyone wanting their own bespoke game, artwork, and features. Learn how to build puzzle games as a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) or a Single Page Web Applications (SPWA).

About this Game:

  • Current Version: 14.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014)
  • Game mechanics: Action-Arcade, Frogger-style
  • Source Code: JavaScript or ActionScript 3;
  • Formats: HTML5/JavaScript or Flash CS4;

Game Description:

“No No Kiko!!” is Winx Club kiko adventures that combines frogger‐style action arcade with a role‐playing adventure games. Help get Kiko across the busy street, and then discover hidden passages to 5 more kiko adventures.

Game Features:

  • Save and Load features (login required);
  • In Game entitlements;
  • Use your arrow keys to jump forward and side-ways;
  • choose your level of difficulty;
  • Set the puzzle piece styles;
  • 5 levels into 5 hidden secret adventure games;
  • Challenge your friends for highest international score;
  • Multiple languages: 36 languages supported.
  • Affiliate versions available with revenues up to 80%.

Market Saturation: (as of 20140331)

  • hosted on 92 websites.
  • 944,064 total games sessions.
  • 1,332,069 total games plays.
  • 59.71 average game plays per gamer per host.
  • 1,073,901 total game‐ad impressions.
  • Aggregated Advertising revenue generated: $213.58