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Purchase a license for your hosted game. Game licenses are available in two affordable options: 1) as a single 1-time fee, or 2) annual subscriptions. Either version provides options for revenue sharing as an Affiliate. Both game license options permit: 1) White Label – your logo insertion; 2) Anti-theft options freely included and preserves you affiliate revenue generation; 3) Protects your website with FREE Product updates for the first year, and 4) Increased Crowd Funding revenues! (Details in our Free Affiliate Guide.) 5) Annual Update Product Features subscription with option to crowd fund. (Details in our Free Affiliate Guide.)

Game Title: Adventurers of Renown: Blood Pit 2 [play online demo version 2] Current Version: 14.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014) Game mechanics: Match 3, RPG HTML5 Format: Phaser v2.x.x; Phaser v3.16+ Flash Format: CS4,…

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Starting at: $12.00