Rulers of Renown Gaming System™ Rulebook

Rulers of Renown Gaming System™  — an innovative process that allows anyone to Play any opponent By postal Mail (Play By Mail), electronic Mail (Play By eMail), or via online Browser (Play By Modem).

The Emancipation Wars (RRTE) is the first introductory game-module of fantasy strategic warfare. Build armies, hire mercenaries, search out daemonic hordes, conjure magic spells or send your legendary heroes into forsaken ruins. ‘The Emancipation Wars’ is the initial gaming module of military conquest and liberation. This game provides your new ‘Adventurer of Renown’ characters the best place to earn renown as a military leader of the realm. This game is statistically balanced, and allows your newest characters to grow in status, skill and renown before launching into its sister game The Legends of Renown Deeds™: The Hero’s Quest (LoRD).

This gaming system is a unique Strategic turn-based, multi-player Fantasy Role-Playing Game of high adventure and legendary deeds. — newly updated for 2015 play by postal mail (PBM), eMail (PBeM) and online-game browser enthusiasts (Play By Modem).

Volume I is the comprehensive rulebook for these initial three (3) adventures:

  • The Emancipation Wars,
  • Fuedal Realms, and
  • Mercenary Captains.